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Jonathan Crandall

Jonathan Crandall

Jonathan Crandall

Chief Visionary

Year Started at JC: 1996

Jonathan’s Position and Core Responsibilities:

As the Chief Visionary, Jonathan looks forward and creates a picture of what the company will look like 5 to 10 years out. He shares that vision and helps the team create goals and milestones to make that vision a reality.

Educational Background, Certifications, Awards, and Credentials:

He is a graduate of Salem State University, holding a B.S in Political Science and a minor in Criminal Justice. Jonathan is an active member of several business groups, including Entrepreneurs Organization. In an effort to improve and strengthen our service delivery, he also travels globally for learning events.

He holds a Class A CDL license, CSP, and a 2A1C hoisting license.


Jonathan is an avid hiker, and has hiked all of New Hampshire’s 48 highest peaks with his dog Bessie. He also enjoys traveling and camping with his family and friends.

Personal Goal for the Next 5+ Years:

Hiking New Hampshire’s 48 highest mountains in the winter.

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