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Winter Services

You and the property you represent will shine. After all, our primary goal is to make sure you are glad you hired us.

How do we do this?

Welcome and thank you for visiting. Snow removal and going above and beyond expectations is what we love to do. The JC team understands the impact snow and ice can have on the tenants, property managers, employees, and customers passing through the properties we service. We enjoy the challenge and reward of doing a great job for our clients and making what can be a stressful weather event easier and hassle-free.

How do we ensure your safety, accessibility, and peace of mind?

Our secret is simple: award-winning communication and follow-through!

1 We put a plan into place based on the forecast we receive from our weather team for each 3 mile area we service. Once we have the data compiled, a team of industry operational experts puts a plan into place. We share the plan and forecast with you and our field managers so everyone is completely in sync.

2 We utilize our fleet of snow removal and de-icing equipment (one of the largest in New England), and our well-trained, in-house staff systematically manages the event. We are able to keep an eye on each site utilizing cutting-edge technology. We have the largest network of private autonomous live-streaming cameras in the state with at least one on each site that is larger than two acres. Our crew all report time and photos through a smartphone app developed exclusively for snow and ice management, and our area manager will update our office periodically throughout the storm regarding how his team is doing and where extra resources could be added if needed.

3 We check in and make sure your site was managed to your expectations. If we missed the mark we want to quickly take responsibility, address and resolve the challenge, and make sure a process is put into place so it is not repeated. We understand safety, accessibility, and peace of mind are of paramount importance, and that our job is to make you and your property shine.

Our knowledge and resources are vast:

  • We have decades of experience, expert snow operational skills, and a dedication to best practices.
  • We have de-icing reserves of more than a half season at all times.
  • We have backup equipment in the event of a major storm or blizzard.
  • We understand snow business and the planning, preparation, and resources it takes to run a high-quality operation.
  • Most importantly, we love what we do, and we love making our clients proud they hired us.

You can learn more about our specific services below, stop in for a facility tour, or reach out directly to see how we may be able to serve your property needs.

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