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Would You Have Been Ready?

Would You Have Been Ready?

As the image above illustrates, the likelihood of a large weather event in the month of October has become increasingly more common. With this higher frequency of storms, brings a higher threat of plowable snow in October, as well. This October’s Nor’easter certainly packed quite a punch of wind and torrential rainfall. But if it were just a few degrees colder, would you and the properties you manage and/or represent have had the coverage needed for a plowable event?

Below is a chart provided by the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). It details the necessary steps needed to be taken by the client and vendor before both parties can feel confident about snow service at any particular location. This chart also outlines the industry’s best practice timeline to complete these tasks.

(Valerie Reid) Vice President in the Real Estate Management Services Group for Colliers International had this to say on the benefits to hiring a snow vendor early... “One of the most important benefits to me is having the luxury of time to walk the sites with the vendor and clearly communicate specific site needs and overall expectations. I have peace of mind knowing that my properties will be staked and fully staffed, with equipment on-site and ready to go. As a property manager, I have enough to worry about without this.”

Some may be hesitant to make snow a higher priority earlier in the year. But it is never to early to make safety your highest priority. With the uncertainty of material and equipment shortages, along with rising rates, it is in the best interest of both client and vendor to get an agreement done as early as possible.

Our Operations Manager (Brad Chase) also weighed in on the subject...“A successful snow operation starts with proper planning. Before getting into the snow & ice management industry I was completely ignorant to the amount planning, training, and site prep that goes into successfully managing a winter event for our clients. Like most people, prior to working with JC Grounds Management, I had a decent understanding of the equipment and tools that went into keeping a property safe. But it wasn’t until my first Fall season with JC Grounds that I understood the amount of time and work that goes into properly setting up a site. By signing on early, preferably by July 1st, you are ensuring that your property is ready for the first event of the season. By getting on our list in the summer months we are able to identify safety issues, procure the necessary equipment and materials, meet with the facility manager to learn any particulars of the site, and train the crew on best practices for each specific location. I can think of 100 reasons why selecting your snow vendor in the summer is the best practice, but I really can't think of any benefit to waiting. If I were a property manager that was speaking with a potential snow contractor that was not concerned with the timetable needed to properly prepare a site; I would find another snow contractor.”

The reality is that winter will always start in December. But winter weather will continue to be a common threat in October. Please use the chart above as a guide going forward to make sure you always have a qualified snow vendor ready, willing, and able to keep you and the property(s) you manage and/or represent properly serviced and safe, whenever mother nature calls for it.


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