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Why February Can be a BIG Snow Month

Why February Can be a BIG Snow Month

Customers often ask us why we are different from any other snow removal vendor in the pool? And although employees answers may vary, a common response you will hear is our affiliation with WeatherWorks. We have hired WeatherWorks to be our on-call meteorologists 24/7 to keep a close eye on all of our service areas so we can implement a plan for approaching weather and inform customers of that plan. WeatherWorks also provides Certified Reports, Weather Alerts, and Verified Snowfall Totals to us throughout the winter season. That being said, we lean on them a lot during the winter! But rest assured, they are THE experts.

WeatherWorks posted a blog called, Can Big Snow Happen in February? You Bet!

Within the post, expert meteorologist, Mike Mihalik says:

  • We have passed the halfway point of meteorological winter!
  • However, February is the snowiest month on average for many locations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
  • President's Day (2/20) seems to be a "hot" spot for big storms

Read more of Mike's thoughts on February being snowy, and the history to justify his predictions! President's Day is right around the corner, could we be bracing for more snow?


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