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The Power of Family at JC Grounds: Building Stronger Relationships and Succeeding Together

The Power of Family at JC Grounds: Building Stronger Relationships and Succeeding Together

How JC Grounds Management Creates a Welcoming Environment that Fosters Stronger Bonds and Growth Opportunities

Working with family members can bring a whole new level of connection and fulfillment to the workplace. At JC Grounds Management, the value of family is deeply ingrained in the company's culture. Several of our team members have their loved ones right alongside them as they work towards our shared goals. JC Grounds not only embraces the unique bond between family members but also understands the positive impact it can have on employee satisfaction, communication, and overall success.

Family Ties: Building Strong Bonds at JC Grounds

Donnie, Enhancement Foreman, who has been with the company since 2011, was the first to bring on a family member to work for JC Grounds with him. Not only has Donnie been an integral member of our team, but he has also brought his brother George and son Aaron into the JC Grounds family. This close-knit bond has allowed them to not only support each other but also work towards our common vision of providing exceptional service to our clients. Per his words, “working together has brought us closer, we are more open, we have better communication, the time we spend together is more enjoyable, more wholesome”.

Having his son, Aaron, join the company through the JC Grounds Cooperative Education program allowed him to gain valuable skills and experience in various tasks beyond masonry. Donnie acknowledges that initially, he didn't have much time to spend with Aaron but one day, they had the opportunity to learn and work together on pruning rose bushes. This experience brought them closer, fostering better communication and a more enjoyable time spent together. Donnie emphasizes that he treats Aaron the same as the rest of the crew, allowing him to build rapport and bonds with the team.

Donnie's brother, George, joined the company prior to Aaron, and Donnie was instrumental in convincing him to join JC Grounds. Their close relationship and ability to work efficiently together has been a tremendous asset to the company. They understand and trust each other's work, often completing tasks ahead of schedule and making each other better in the process. Donnie expresses his joy and gratitude for the opportunity to spend more time with his brother, as their days are now spent working side by side.

Another example is our dedicated Account Manager, Nate. Nate joined our team three years ago and has been an invaluable asset ever since. What makes his story even more special is that he gets to work side by side with his stepson TJ. TJ has been with our company for two years, initially working on a seasonal basis. However, this year he made the decision to join the team full time, further solidifying the strong family ties within JC Grounds. TJ on working at JC Grounds: "Working at JC Grounds is great: great atmosphere, great co-workers. I have a great time every day. I am not stressed out, and we all work well together."

Lastly, we have Rob, our esteemed Head of Fleet Maintenance. Recently, Rob welcomed his own son Jake into the fold, adding yet another layer of family connection to our team. This close bond not only strengthens their working relationship but also fosters a welcoming and supportive environment for all of our employees.

Donnie's family

The Nurturing Environment at JC Grounds

At JC Grounds Management, we understand the importance of family and the positive impact it can have on a working environment. That’s why JC Grounds has always embodied family culture for all its employees through its core values.

Beyond personal connections, having family members working together also provides unique growth opportunities. It allows for the exchange of knowledge and skills, as well as the passing down of expertise from one generation to the next. This dynamic can lead to the development of strong leaders within our team and fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

In conclusion, the power of family at JC Grounds Management is invaluable. From Donnie, George, and Aaron to Nate and TJ, and Rob and his son Jake, our team is strengthened by these familial connections. By fostering a welcoming environment that embraces family values, we create a space where employees can grow, succeed, and support one another. Together, we are building stronger relationships and achieving greatness as a #JCFamily.

Rob and Jake


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