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4 Tips for Spring Landscape Planning

4 Tips for Spring Landscape Planning

While our organization is made up of mostly snow-lovers, we do have some warm weather dreamers that have been in their glory this week. After two weeks of below normal temperatures and above normal rainfall, New England has been experiencing a transition into spring and summer-like weather. And with that warm weather, comes thoughts of spring clean ups, maintenance, and enhancements

Here are 4 tips for your spring landscape planning

  1. Mowing: Mowings should be performed a specific number of times throughout the season. Occasionally, mowing of certain areas (or the entire property) should be skipped due to minimal growth or drought conditions.
  2. Flowers: Flower location is crucial to their survival. Avoid planting flowers around trees, as they require more water than trees. Flowers should not be planted near the edge of flower beds to avoid being damaged during routine mowing.
  3. Watering: Surprisingly, over watering can be as harmful as not watering because turf roots need oxygen to flourish. As a general rule, turf may need 3-5 waterings per week in the dry season and 0 during wet winter months.
  4. Weed/ Disease Control: Weeds will be at a minimum if the turf is healthy. Following a healthy mowing, watering, and fertilization schedule will keep the lawn healthy. But, when weeds do crop up, it is best to treat them with a contact, selective herbicide or by hand removal.

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