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Proactive Planning Can Save Property Owners Tens of Thousands

Proactive Planning Can Save Property Owners Tens of Thousands

3 Money saving benefits that signing a landscape maintenance contract early will achieve

  1. Site specific efficiencies: When you sign your landscape maintenance contract early in the season, it can help your contractor better plan to serve you more efficiently. Proactive planning and early sign ons can help your contractor procure necessary resources, such as the most efficient equipment package for your property, leading to cost savings that can be passed onto you, the customer. Your contractor can also properly train crews, perform detailed site inspections, fulfill production capacity, and avoid supply chain issues long before “crunch time”.
  2. Budget forecasting: By signing before snowfall, a proper site assessment can be performed detailing plant and turf conditions. While the previous season is still fresh in all parties minds, any areas that need improvement can be addressed and your contractor can provide creative new ideas for implementation, as well as forecast budgets for capital improvement projects.
  3. Contractor qualifications: As the clock begins to tick, the abundance of qualified contractors begins to dwindle, therefore the earlier you plan to sign your landscape maintenance contract, the better. Earlier in the season you will be more likely to receive an accurate proposal of services, you will be in a better place for price negotiation, and your contractor will be more likely to discount or price lock proposals as an early sign on benefit. Below is a recommended timeline for the purchase and agreement of a landscape maintenance contract.

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