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October Snow???

October Snow???

It seems like every year we stress the importance to our returning and potential new clients to plan on making their decision on a snow vendor, as early as possible. With all the preseason work that goes into preparing each site for service, you want to make sure that your property is covered if/when Mother Nature doesn’t want to wait for winter. On October 30th this season a roughly 10-hour storm left a widespread 1-5 inches of plowable snow in our area. The first storm of the season is usually one of the hardest of the year, even with sufficient time to complete the preseason prep work. But the last thing a client or vendor wants to deal with is hearing about an early storm coming in a couple of days and nothing has been finalized. So begins the mad dash to beat the clock. Is there time to get the contract finalized? Probably. But is there any real time to prep your location before the storm (staffing, staking, preseason walkthrough, video inspections, review site specific do’s & don’ts)? Probably not. Which means you are seriously rolling the dice the longer you wait to make this decision each year. Some vendors may offer a discount for signing early or signing a multi-year deal to avoid this last-minute scrambling. Either way, you should plan on doing your research early and try to have a decision made and finalized by no later than October 1st each year. This will give any vendor ample time to have your site ready for whatever Mother Nature brings, whenever she brings it.


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