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Northeast Winters and The Effects on Property Owners

Northeast Winters and The Effects on Property Owners

Northeast Winters getting Worse from Climate Change?

Winters in New England have always been very sporadic. Many people tend to think we will get less snow due to global warming. As the earth’s heat rises, the snow will decrease, right? Actually, it’s the exact opposite. A paper published in the Nature Communications journal states “a recent study shows findings that abnormally warm Arctic temperatures make severe winters in the Northeast two to four times more likely”. So the earth is still warming, but our winters in New England are just going to keep getting worse. In just over two years, we’ve had three of the top seven heaviest snowstorms in Boston. And the cold that comes with it, prevents the snow from melting. Sometimes sticking around through May!

If there is one thing we can count on, it is snow in New England during the winter months. For property owners especially, this is a huge disadvantage. Ice and snow are slippery, which causes a falling risk. If parking lots and sidewalks aren’t properly plowed and shoveled, businesses could be closed down for days, and that is lost money. Proper snow removal is critical for property owners. Residing in New England has a lot of wonderful perks, and learning to love the snow makes the winters much more enjoyable. Having the proper team of snow fighters on your side takes winters from stressful to beautiful. Snow is inevitable in our neck of the woods, and with the earth’s temperature slowly warming each years, it looks like our winters will continue to be more snow heavy.


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