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Early Spring Preparation

Early Spring Preparation


As the winter season is coming to a close, we at JC Grounds are beginning to shift our focus from snow and ice, back to turf and landscaping. We pride ourselves in the aspect of snow removal but pride ourselves even further when it comes to the transition to landscaping season. As we are just beginning to move into Spring with the first day of spring last week, people may not have their full attention directed towards landscaping. However, this is one of the most crucial times for the landscaping on a property, and we’ll explore why. Our early season work ranges from plants installation, early mulching, spring clean ups, all the way to fine tuning irrigation systems and the early steps of turf preparation. 

When it comes to early grass preparation, there are very specific times in which products should be applied to the ground. There are certain products applied to grass areas in order to keep invasive weeds under control, to avoid the use of pesticides at a later time. Preventative maintenance is smarter and more economical than actively keeping up with overwhelming weeds. The first two rounds of fertilizer we use will has crabgrass preemergent in it, which helps prevent additional crabgrass treatments in the growing season. From there we move onto surface and sub surface insecticides into the month of June, which handle invasive pests such as white grubs which feed on the roots of plants. It’s especially important to begin this early in the season, because crabgrass prevention is applied before mid April pending on weather conditions. 

Early mulch installation is another one of the benefits for signing onto a landscape contract early in the season. Early mulch can serve a wide array of benefits ranging from boosting the aesthetics of the property, all the way to improving overall soil quality. Aesthetically, new mulch around a property ties everything together in way that is visually appealing to the human eye. New mulch also aids in the control of invasive weeds, along with the fertilizer as explored above. Mulch is also made of natural materials that contain nutrients that help fertilize your soil for better growing capabilities for your plants. With that being said, ensuring healthy soil early on in the season will guarantee the longevity of the plants. 

Fine tuning irrigation systems can greatly benefit grass areas as well as new/existing plants in beds. Chris Wilson, JC Grounds irrigation specialist, meticulously checks each irrigation system we oversee at least twice a year. Once at the beginning of the season to be sure all scheduled times and angles are in order, and again at the end of the season. End of season inspection allows for proper shutoffs and diagnosis to maintain the lifespan of our systems. Ensuring the systems are on the correct schedule allows for the perfect amount of water at the correct times of the day, which is crucial for grass and plantings. In situations of weak non irrigated turf or you are in a water ban zone that doesn’t allow water, wetting agents such as H30 will help if applied on a regular basis.  

All in all, signing onto a landscape contract sooner than later will serve plenty of benefits to a client. Whether it be the visual aesthetics of a property or the property as a whole, at JC Grounds we strive to leave a property the best it can look, as early as possible. “Sense of urgency second to none” is a phrase we hold to the upmost importance, so we value our clients by showing urgency towards a property early in the season to ensure overall condition and satisfaction. 


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