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Don’t put your shovels away just yet!

Don’t put your shovels away just yet!

On December 30th, we experienced temperatures as high as 63 °F in Massachusetts, but don’t be fooled. Winter has a long way to go. Welcome to New England!

Although it can certainly snow in October, November, and December, it did not happen this season. That does not mean there won’t be any snow this year. Winter only started three weeks ago. So far this season, we are getting plenty of moisture and precipitation as well as plenty of cold days. They have just happened to fall on opposite days. Eventually, the colder temperatures and moisture are going to line up and deliver consistent snowfall. Our first plowable event last year was January 15th. It then proceeded to snow every weekend for 6 straight weeks, bringing seasonal snow totals to just above average for the year.

As some of us can’t forget the winter of 2015 brought us minimal snow totals through January 26th, only to bury us with record breaking totals through February and March leaving Boston with their highest recorded snow total to date of 110.6”.

Having the mindset that this will be a snow free winter can lead to complacency. We recommend that you stay vigilant, always be ready, check on equipment, fuel, materials, continue training, and communicate with your staff continuously. In other words, be prepared. You don’t want to fall into complacency with the false sense of security. Snow could be right around the corner. Are you being proactive, or reactive?

As snow fighters, it is our duty to always stay alert, aware, and ready to keep our clients’ sites, customers, and employees safe. As we like to remind ourselves, you never have to get ready, if you always are ready.


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