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Developing New Work Habits

Developing New Work Habits

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly forced us to change the way we do a lot of things; particularly how we work. After roughly 4 months of crafting a routine working from home in this “new normal”, I wanted to review some of the habits I’ve developed that I will continue to implement when I return to work in an office setting.


  • -Sterilization:  Most office settings have added hand sanitizer stations throughout their work areas. But having your own personal supply of sanitizer and wipes in your office and vehicle is essential to minimizing your risk. Wearing a mask, washing your hands and social distancing is obviously on everyone’s mind. But remembering to wipe down your vehicle, door handles, keyboard, and desk are a little harder to become consistent habits.
  • -Communication: As we know; one of the biggest changes forced upon everyone since the outbreak has been virtual meetings. The two most common options used have been Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Although hesitant at first, I have become a huge proponent of these tools. Whether using the desktop or mobile app versions, both allow the ability to screen share and meet with more people from virtually anywhere at anytime that you would not normally be able to in person. Now that almost all of us have been forced to become at least a novice in this software, it will undoubtedly be a commonly utilized tool going forward.
  • -Hybrid workplace: Depending on the business, some of us can only work from home or the office. I for one; am blessed to able to be efficient from both. After learning to change my daily routine from driving to the office every day to my office being one room away, I am confidant and excited for the challenge of developing a new hybrid routine of both. I will continue to have a “satellite” station at home to be able to plug and play whenever necessary. This will allow me to adapt to any changes of the unpredictable climate that may come.

I may not have control over every aspect of this Coronavirus. But I always have control of how to better myself from it. If we have always been creatures of habit, what habits will you take away from this pandemic?


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