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Benefits of using the TrucBrush

Benefits of using the TrucBrush

Large trailer trucks that operate on our roadways on a daily basis can become a large threat when snow build up is involved. Regarding snow removal, it can be assumed that it’s a bit of a different process than your average pickup truck or sedan. We can assure you that your normal everyday, store-bought handheld snow brushes do not do the trick. Recognizing that there was a need, at JC Grounds we have adopted some very innovative technology that is disrupting any method of its kind.  Old methods are inefficient due to drivers climbing up rolling ladders, shoveling by hand, raking the roof, or using an outdated infrastructure of some sort. These methods make for an unsafe environment for an entire fleet, resulting in potential injury or damage. However, the innovative technology of TrucBrush has made for a much more efficient design resulting in a safer workplace for everyone.

TrucBrush was brought into the industry by Jim Burns (President of TrucBrush) when in 2012, one of his clients challenged him to come up with an alternative to a dangerous and costly approach to clearing/removing the snow from the top of truck trailers. When coming up with the technology, he drafted his solution based around four core principles:

1. It must be safe for the operator who is removing the snow.

2. It must clean the truck surface better than any solution.

3. It must easily integrate into the clients’ fleet environment.

4. It must be capable of being outsourced to a private contractor, as the facility may not have the capacity or flexibility to perform.

 As a preferred TrucBrush vendor, we offer a solution to a trucking company’s biggest issue and concern of winter, providing safe travel for drivers and ensuring a safe roadway to other travelers. TrucBrush eliminates any sort of need to be on or near the vehicle while it’s being cleared of snow, due to the operator in an enclosed cab while the snow is being cast away from the parking area. The TrucBrush instills safety as its highest priority, but still completes a time-dependent process in a fraction of the time. Traditional infrastructure used to clear is outdated and unsafe, as well as not being able to move while the TrucBrush is entirely mobile. Adding TrucBrush to a fleet will result in a much more efficient outcome, creating a more valuable company. With that being said, we made great use of the TrucBrush this winter season, tailoring to a few of our higher profile clients who are heavily dependent on truck trailer fleets. These clients experienced the decrease in time allotted to the clearing of trucks, making for a more efficient outcome at a fraction of the cost. Take from the words of Jeremy Darling, our snow manager here at JC Grounds who was given the chance to see the TrucBrush in action. “Seeing the TrucBush and the truck trailer working together was like magic. What could have taken a couple hours took only a couple of minutes with the TrucBrush.” While Jeremy got to experience the benefits first hand, we at JC Grounds saw the overall gain our clients received. The TrucBrush instills safety as its highest priority, while completing a time-dependent process in a fraction of the time.

Dramatically decreasing the manual labor required as well as completing the task in a timely manner were a few of the dominating factors behind the TrucBrush this past season. While the TrucBrush has been a great asset to us over this past season, at JC Grounds we do our best to ensure that the TrucBrush mission is held to its highest standard; “To deliver a safer, more effective and economical solution for clearing accumulated snow and ice off vehicle rooftops that improves both facility and roadway safety."


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