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Are You Covered?

Are You Covered?

Here at JC Grounds we are grateful to our employees for their tireless work ethics and to our clients for our wonderful relationships. A vital part of these relationships is the security we bring to our clients while we service their properties in landscape and snow removal. We consider it a privilege to be entrusted during the winter season to clear asphalt of snow and ice, allowing a clear path to employees’ and visitors’ cars and along sidewalks.

JC Grounds thrives in the snow removal industry, utilizing cutting edge technology and we uphold, with the utmost importance, the safety and security of our employees and our clients.  As we head into the winter season, we are sure to take note that our insurance coverages are in line with the needs of our clients. Are you fully covered? Now is the perfect time to make certain.  It is an ongoing challenge to stay informed of liability insurance & policy changes as well as everchanging insurance requirements. Rob Barresi of Starkweather & Shepley Insurance Brokerage ensures we are covered and shares what he refers to as "The Insurance Endorsement Superfecta". Rob states “affordably being able to secure these endorsements help qualify us a snow services contractor”. Rob’s article found in the link provided is a great resource to make you aware of the coverages needed.  In the wake of Supreme Court ruling of Papadopoulos vs. Target , Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court abolished the long standing law held that a property owner was not liable for injuries caused by “natural” accumulations of snow or ice on the owner’s property. Commercial properties must be treated as all other properties are and make every effort to protect visitors by providing a clear and safe path for all. There is no distinguishing between natural and unnatural snow fall as there was previously in liability cases.

 “As is always true, contractors should periodically review the terms of their contracts to ensure responsibilities are clearly and specifically delineated. But, they should also review their operational methods to ensure that the methods ultimately support the intent of the contracts they enter.”- Kevin G. Collimore, Esq. 

-We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy snow season 



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