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Are We On The Same Page?

Are We On The Same Page?

If you speak with a snow professional this year, they will comment on how it has been a busy snow and ice season.

Many people outside of the industry likely feel that this year has been below average and that except for the blizzard there hasn’t been much activity.

So where is the disconnect?

Could it be:

  1. Events this year have fallen around holidays and weekends?
  2. Mixed precipitation events and rain to freeze events are not memorable to most people?
  3. Snow professionals tend to judge a winter by the frequency of events as well as the intensity of the events and less about total number of inches.
  4. Customers tend to think that quiet weather patterns typically refer to a lack of major snowstorms that disrupt life and business and not the less intense more frequent events.

Large events started and ended January 2022, but marginal temperature daytime events and weaker events happened throughout the month.

Looking Forward:

- Long term forecasts have been mostly accurate so far this season. If forecasters are correct, we should see a lull in major events although we are tracking a system that could impact our area around Valentine’s Day.

- The weather pattern continues to be typical of a La Nina influenced winter.

- Warmer than average month of February expected for the Northeast.

- What does this mean?

- Someone that you know will claim that “Winter is Over”. (We are confident that it is not)

- We are likely to see mixed events or events where it rains during the day and freezes at night.

- Short term- no large events on the radar but that doesn’t mean it will not happen.

La Nina Image
Active Pattern
January Snow Total History
January 2022 Temps


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