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3 Reasons to Implement Electric Leaf Blowers

3 Reasons to Implement Electric Leaf Blowers

Air is getting crisper, leaves are falling faster, this could only mean one thing, fall clean ups are right around the corner! Here are three reasons you should consider implementing electric leaf blowers before completing fall clean ups.

We often talk of a triple win situation at JC Grounds Management, this is when a win is created for the company, the employees, and the clients all at the same time. When everyone is winning together is when you can really exceed all expectations.

The most recent example of this triple win is the new electric blowers made by Greenworks. While there is an initial investment, the positive environmental impact and client satisfaction easily outweighs it.  By introducing this new technology into our fleet, we are exemplifying the head of the industry in an eco-conscious manner.

#1 for the clients. The eco-friendly equipment is 50% quieter than most gas powered tools, causing less disruption to businesses and housing complexes. Since it isn’t operating on gas, there are no spills, smells or emissions released into the environment.

#2 for the employees.  The ease of operation; the tool itself is lighter to carry and easy to operate. Due to the brushless motor design, there is less vibration and in turn, less fatigue generated to the operator, allowing for longer, more efficient run times. With a gas-less operation there will also be no measuring and mixing of fluids required. 

#3 for the company.  Efficiency is a pillar to any successful operation. And with the low maintenance of the electric blowers JC Grounds Management will experience less down time for repairs and maintenance, and exclude fluctuating fuel costs due to battery operation. The battery will also produce a low operating cost, and the battery itself is even recyclable. 

Implementation of the electric blowers has given JC Grounds Management the opportunity to use “reliable commercial grade power equipment without the hassle of gas”. To learn more about JC Grounds Management’s landscaping services offered, visit www.jcgrounds.com



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