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Lisa Gallagher

Lisa Gallagher

Lisa Gallagher


Year Started at JC: 2017

Lisa’s Position and Core Responsibilities:

As the Controller, Lisa is responsible for managing all the finance and accounting operations as well as handling Human Resources.  She is responsible for all accounting applications, budgeting, financial reporting as well as playing a major part in helping the company achieve its financial goals. 

Educational Background, Certifications, Awards, and Credentials:

Lisa  has her B.S in Business Administration/ Accounting from Salem State University. 


Her hobbies include boating, exercising, and gardening.

Personal Goal for the Next 5+ Years:

Lisa would like to enjoy time with family and friends and continue to travel to new places.

Professional Goal for the Next 5+ Years: 

Being new to the industry, Lisa's goal is to continue to learn more about the core business everyday. She is excited to be a part in bringing JC Grounds to the next level as a company, and to be working towards the company's long term goals.

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