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Lindsay Meagher

Lindsay Meagher

Lindsay Meagher

Business Development & Marketing Associate

Year Started at JC: 2015

Lindsay’s Position and Core Responsibilities:

As the Business Development Associate, Lindsay is responsible for maintaining client relationships as well as making new contacts with potential clients to create new business opportunities and educate them on new technologies. Lindsay also plays an important role in the marketing of JC Grounds Management. She is responsible for the development and upkeep of the social media presence and website content through marketing and communications. She also is in charge of event planning for company outings and towards recruitment initiatives.

Educational Background, Certifications, Awards, and Credentials:

Lindsay is a graduate of Georgetown High School, and has her B.S in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Salem State University. She is currently enrolled in at Southern New Hampshire University, working towards her M.S in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media Marketing.


Her hobbies include boating, paddle boarding, spending time outdoors with her dog, friends, and family.

Personal Goal for the Next 5+ Years:

Lindsay would like to travel to Alaska to see the Northern Lights. She is also an active volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and would like to dedicate more time to fundraising and educating the public about the understanding and prevention of suicide through research, education, and advocacy.

Professional Goal for the Next 5+ Years:

Lindsay would like to grow within the company and see all of the processes have a positive impact in the life of our clients and employees.

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