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Year-Round Snow Fighter Training?

Year-Round Snow Fighter Training?
Year-Round Snow Fighter Training?

What does year-round industry standard training look like? Most people think that you become a great snow fighter from experience. Although, this statement has some truth to it, there are many more variables that define the quality of these sometimes overlooked, skill positions. Now it is true that a majority in this field probably started off by doing residential driveways and/or plowing for the city to stay busy in the winter months. Years of this experience can go a long way. But without industry standard training, potentially bad habits may just be getting reinforced. The truth is most snow fighters come from an entirely different line of work to help fight the snow during the winter, so year-round training can be a challenge. We have always done our fair share of preseason training. But we soon realized that a year-round training program would not only benefit everyone, it would also strengthen relationships across the board. We have since developed a training program that not only keeps our full-time employees up to speed throughout the year, but also allows for our seasonal employees to do the same around their off-season schedule. To go along with our weekly in-house safety/training meetings, we have developed monthly safety training sessions that are focused on everything from hands on equipment operator sessions, salt application rates/techniques, management/people skills and many other varieties of lesson plans. We also provide access and guidance through the snow and ice management (SIMA) online certification programs. There they can learn the science behind snow and ice management, along with snow fighting best practices. From entry level to upper management, we have detailed all of our snow employment positions to have a required amount of this training completed before that position can be filled. This, along with our proven process ensures that your property is being professionally serviced by every level of industry standard training. 


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