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Worcester county here we come!

Worcester county here we come!

Several years ago our management team began to grow out of necessity. The growth of the team continued and became exponential over time. Many of our team members shared they loved the company and our culture as well as the growth plan going forward. Many of our team voiced they wanted more opportunity to grow within the organization. The leadership team had looked at several strategies and decided we wanted to grow the service area of the business. We didn’t want to do this and lose our quality. We believed to provide the best service we needed to be close to our clients. We envisioned being setup similar to a firehouse where we would have equipment, support staff, materials, office space and a garage for service. As the owner with a knack for seeing a project complete before it starts, I wanted to clarify a vision and plan. I began a whirlwind tour around the country visiting some of the best of the best in our business including Tovar Snow, Ground Systems, Reliable Snow, Winter Services, and more. If I didn’t make it to their facility I had a call, dinner or a coffee. The JC executive team then looked at where many of our current clients had additional sites. Some of which had asked us to bid previously, but we declined because we wanted to make sure quality would be at the same level as they had experienced in the past. We ultimately decided on Southborough for our first branch location! We identified a piece of property and made an offer. We obtained the rights to use it as a contractor’s yard.

Since closing on the property we are now in a phase to expand the yard space and building as well as update the offices so it can be used as effectively as possible. We are excited and grateful to have Jeremy Darling long time team member, as well as Steve Mahoney who will be at the helm leading the new branch and ensuring consistency in performance, safety, process and culture. We are planning to break ground on the expansion by spring and host an open house by fall of 2022. We are also very excited to begin a relationship with the businesses and towns people of Framingham, Southborough, Northborough, Natick, Franklin, Westborough, Hudson, Ashland and many of the neighboring towns. This new facility will host opportunity for our team and resources that will benefit our client needs in that area immensely. We are using 26 years in business, knowledge from our Danvers facility and all the knowledge shared from our peers around the country to make Southborough an amazing service center. We are investing heavily in our fleet, training facility, material storage, and technology to continue to strive to be the best provider in our field. We want our clients to feel great that they have us on board and to know we are looking out for there best interest. We want them to rest easy at night during a major snow event knowing the facility will be taken care of and safe. Meanwhile; we are very excited to offer more jobs and opportunity to grow our team. The only next question is where will the third location be located???


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