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3-Year Snow Contract with Keurig

3-Year Snow Contract with Keurig

JC Grounds Management Signs 3-Year Snow & Ice contract with Keurig Green Mountain in Burlington, MA

JC Grounds Management has announced that they are partnering with Keurig Green Mountain, a leader in the coffee industry. “Keurig Green Mountain is a personal beverage system company revolutionizing the beverage experience through the power of innovative technology and strategic brand partnerships. With an expanding family of more than 70 beloved brands and more than 445 beverage varieties, Keurig hot beverage system delivers great taste, convenience, and choice at the push of a button” – Keurig Green Mountain

As a company founded on social responsibility, they are committed to using the power of business top brew a better world through their work to build resilient supply chains, sustainable products, thriving communities, and a water-secure world.

Keurig Green Mountain and JC Grounds Management have engaged in a three-year snow and ice plan for Burlington location, which is home to their brewer R&D center and professional services. The collaboration is a success for both companies.


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