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Introducing our Littleton Branch Manager Ed Craig: A Journey of Growth and Dedication at JC Grounds Management

Introducing our Littleton Branch Manager Ed Craig: A Journey of Growth and Dedication at JC Grounds Management

Ed started working with JC Grounds Management back in 2000. He began by assisting Jon Crandall (Owner) with maintenance and construction projects on the weekends. As JC Grounds Management began to expand and take on more commercial snow and landscape accounts, Ed's role grew as well. He spent seven years with the company before venturing out on his own to then return in 2016.

From an Enhancement Crew member to Field Operations Manager, Zone Manager in the winter season, and now Branch Manager, Ed's journey has been defined by his constant hunger for growth and learning. When asked about his progression within the company, Ed humbly attributes it to his commitment and willingness to “face challenges head-on”. He is always eager to take on new responsibilities and never shies away from a chance to prove himself. As a manager, Ed believes in leading by example and adopting a coaching and mentoring approach. Listening and responding instead of simply reacting has been a cornerstone of his management style, enabling him to build strong relationships and guide his team effectively.

At JC Grounds Management, Ed has found an environment that allows him to “bring his personality and management style to the table”. Supported by his colleagues and mentors, he feels encouraged to share ideas and collaborate for the success of the entire team.

As for his future with JC Grounds Management, Ed's goal is simple - to continue improving and becoming an expert in everything he does. He aims to grow alongside the company, always seeking new opportunities to learn and develop his skills. With his determination and unwavering dedication, there is no doubt that Ed's impact on the company will continue to be profound.

Ed Craig exemplifies the essence of a dedicated and driven employee. His journey from a young landscaper to the Branch Manager of our Littleton Branch is a testament to his commitment, perseverance, and continuous growth. As JC Grounds Management continues to thrive, we are grateful to have individuals like Ed who embody our core values and continue to make vital contributions to our success.


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