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Growth By Design

Growth By Design
Growth By Design
Growth By Design

As we are opening our third location, in the town of Littleton, MA, let’s dive into what led the company to this tactical decision.

6 years ago, JC Grounds’ portfolio represented 200 acres of Snow and Ice Management. Thanks to the JC Grounds Management 10-Year Vision and the company’s continuous growth, JC Grounds is projected to reach approximately 1,300 acres by 2025 in New England.

Although growth is extremely exciting, it always comes with risks and challenges, especially if not done correctly. Acquiring new properties to service located further away from our initial branch in Danvers would have meant more travel time and less storage capacity for additional equipment needed. To maintain our quality standards, high level service, and competitive pricing, such growth would require the company to rethink its model. We would also need to adapt and simultaneously expand by bringing on additional staff each new season, acquiring new equipment, and opening new branch locations.

The idea of opening new branches has been brewing for years. It was 3 years ago that the project really materialized with the acquisition of a multiple property portfolio with Boston Properties in Waltham, MA. After extensive research and learning from other businesses’ success stories and models, the Chief Visionary & Owner, Jon Crandall, accompanied by his Executive Team, designed the structure of the 10-year vision. The goal was to create a second hub located in a very strategic location where equipment could be safely stored, maintained, and where seasonal and recurring training could be facilitated. Thereafter, smaller satellite offices would open every 12 to 24 months within a 30-minute radius from the main hubs. Out of those secondary sites, the staff could easily access our clients’ properties, saving on fueling and time commuting.

After pulling away from what we thought would be our first new hub in Billerica after the Covid outbreak, we were able to do more research and were excited to close on our second branch in Southborough. The fully operational office has been under construction since January of this year and is scheduled to be completed this June. In a few weeks the team will be moving up to the second floor of the main building to brand new offices while the downstairs will be remodeled and primarily used as a storage space. The finalized flagship will include three different buildings accommodating a training center, a shop, storage spaces, a spacious parking lot, and a large salt reserve. This reserve will accommodate 50% of all de-icing material needed for a whole season for the entire portfolio, which will allow us to guarantee availability if a shortage should occur in the Northeast.

Additionally, we are further expanding with the creation of our first satellite office in Littleton, MA, which we are currently staffing. One of the most important things we learned from the Southborough branch was the necessity to establish solid connections and trust with local businesses and potential partners. Some of these are a grass roots effort, while others come organically through already established relationships.

Jeremy Darling, Branch Manager CSP, ASM, ASCA-C certified, has taken on the responsibility of leading and overseeing the development of the new offices while staffing and training the teams on sites. Jeremy possesses 12 years of experience in the industry, which includes 2 years of running his own local residential plowing and 6 years at JC Grounds, where he initially started as a winter operator.

Chief Visionary and Owner, Jon Crandall had this to say about the project "With the opening of new branches, we aspire to provide our teams opportunities to grow their skills and professional experience to benefit their own personal development as well as the company’s overall results. We are more excited than ever to grow our business expanding into additional communities. The pride and pure joy we get out of seeing our staff grow into experts of their profession as well as being able to provide a place where team members have an opportunity to go from the field to being a respected management team member and expert of our industry is like nothing else. We are offering a service geared to clients looking for exceptional communication, follow-through, no nonsense contractors who will do what it takes to get the job done and done right every time!! We will not sacrifice any of these initiatives just for growth. Our growth has been methodically planned and tested to support all of our goals mentioned."

What was once just a vision is becoming a reality. We are extremely excited to witness as well as be a part of this transition and can’t wait to see where this journey will take us.


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